Thursday April 24 , 2014


Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on the Beach during the Kite Fes

Are You Happy?

After all, you feel like you have so much to be grateful for: a great home and a loving family, friends who care and a career that pays the bills.

And you have been SUCH a Good Girl. You did everything you were taught to do – went to school, got the good job, raised a family. You’ve taken good care of everyone and everything around you – for what feels like forever.

And yet…

Something’s missing. (And secretly, you’re feeling a little guilty about that.)

You never knew that being a mom would be this hard, that building a career or running a business would be this hard.

That Being a Good Girl would Wear. You. Flat. Out.

You never knew that after all this time
becoming who you were meant to be
would be such a mystery – even now.

And sometimes you wonder if this is all there is, if this is all you can do, if this is all you’ll ever be. You wonder if anyone else feels the way you do, and why you’re not so happy after all.

Wouldn’t it be nice to remember what it’s like to play again, to laugh until you cried again? Wouldn’t it be great to feel good again, to feel alive again….to feel PROUD again?


It’s okay to want (something) More.

Even when you’re not sure what that something is.

When you were little, you thought anything was possible. You could fly down a hill on your bike and feel like you were driving a race car. You could stand up in front of your cardboard box theater and feel like you were on Broadway. It never occurred to you that you couldn’t do anything you wanted to do.

What happened to that super confident, funny and fearless little girl?

Where did she go?  

My name is Wendy Pitts Reeves, and I’m committed to helping you re-discover the Courageous Woman you already are, so that you can create the life you’ve (secretly, really, always) wanted. Because I have BEEN there myself. I know what it is to be scared to death. I know what it is to feel trapped. Lost. Powerless.


 IMG_8339And I know what it is to break free.

I offer Life and Business Coaching for women who are restless, and ready, for something else. Some just want to Live More, to get off the couch and out the door. Some want to Create More. They are often therapists, healers, practitioners or small business owners who long to grow their business so they can grow their income and their impact on the world.

All are ready to step outside their comfort zone – and become what they knew all along they could Be. They just need to reconnect with that fearless and funny, brave and beautiful Courageous Woman inside.



It all starts with Adventure.

Because it’s hard to be creative when you’re stuck in a rut. :)

Sometimes the Very Best Thing you can do is play, have some fun, make friends, and discover what’s out there. Sometimes you just need to try things to build up your confidence and get your mojo baIMG_8200ck. Sometimes, to be happy again, you need to shake things up a little, and rediscover what it’s like to laugh, to feel silly, feel proud.

Sometimes you need to re-connect
with your soul
with the earth
and with each other.

And that’s what Secret Adventures for Courageous Women is all about. We play, explore, discover, sample. We do big things and little things. Easy things and hard things. Serious things and silly things. Things we love and things we’re just glad we tried.

And through it all, we laugh a lot.

Live. Breathe. Connect. Grow.


But what if I’m not the Adventuresome type?

Then this is the PERFECT place for you, because all you have to do is come along with me once and you’ll see what all the commotion is about. It may be that first you’ll have to let go of a tiny bit of control, to let someone else do all the worrying. It may be that first you’ll need to leave the laundry for the day, or the busy work for the business – and come play.

It may be that first you need to try a trip.

You may need to do Something Big. :)

And then – if you want to go deeper – you might even want to work with me for a while.

But first…

Come on an Adventure with me.

I promise to take good care of you.

Look around this site. Check out our Adventure page. Sign up for a trip. Let’s see how much fun we can have. And what we can discover. Together.

You’ll be so glad you did!wendyb&wjpg


P.S. And if you ARE interested in coaching, contact me about setting up a 30 minute Discovery Call to explore that together. I would LOVE to help you discover what Something More might be for you!

Photo Credit – Dancing Girl: Mike Baird on Flickr